ToC: Dao (Volume 20, Issue 3)

Dao: Volume 20, issue 3, September 2021



Author: Michael Slote
Pages: 365 – 375


The Uneasy Relation between Chinese and Western Philosophy

Author: Eske Møllgaard
Pages: 377 – 387


The Idea of Cyclicality in Chinese Thought
Author: Yanming An
Pages: 389 – 406


Traces of Darkness in Early Daoism: The Evolution of Vision Metaphors in the Laozi

Author: Roy Porat
Pages: 407 – 431


Classic Confucian Thought and Political Meritocracy: A Text-based Critique

Author: Yutang Jin
Pages: 433 – 458


Edit by Number: Looking at the Composition of the Huainanzi, and Beyond

Author: Benoît Vermander
Pages: 459 – 498


Allinson, Robert Elliott, The Philosophical Influences of Mao Zedong: Notations, Reflections and Insights

Author: Keqian Xu
Pages: 499 – 503


Feng, Dawen 馮達文, Anthology of Feng Dawen 馮達文文集

Author: Shuhong Zheng
Pages: 505 – 508


Johnston, Ian, and Wang Ping, trans. and annot., The Mingjia & Related Texts: A Bilingual Edition

Author: Jan Vrhovski
Pages: 509 – 513


Trepanier, Lee, ed., Eric Voegelin’s Asian Political Thought

Author: Bohang Chen
Pages: 515 – 520


Yang, Lihua 楊立華, The Study of Zhuangzi’s Philosophy 莊子哲學研究

Author: Feng Song
Pages: 521 – 525


Zhang, Jiemo 張節末, Bixing Aesthetics 比興美學

Author: Shilu Zhou
Pages: 527 – 530


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