ToC: History of Logic in Contemporary China

The journal Asian Studies has recently published a new special issue (Vol. 10 No.2) titled “History of Logic in Contemporary China”. This issue contains 18 different articles; read below for the table of contents. This journal’s contents are fully available on-line.

Asian Studies and the History of Chinese Logic

History of Logic in Contemporary China (1949–2021)

70 Years of Logic in China, 1949-2019
Chen Bo

The Philosophy of Logic in China
Hu Yang, Hu Zehong

The History, Present and Future of the Study of Chinese Logic
Zhai Jincheng, Liu Yongqiang

Ten-Year History of Social Network Logics in China
Liu Fenrong, Li Dazhu

New Developments in Chinese Studies of Contemporary Inductive Logic
Ren Xiaoming

Chinese Studies on Informal Logic and Critical Thinking
Wu Hongzhi

Chinese Studies on the Logic of Natural Language
Zou Chongli, Li Kesheng

Between Philosophy and Mathematics
Jan Vrhovski

Chinese Research on Mathematical Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics
Wang Hongguang, Du Guoping

Critique of “Judgment” in Gongsun Long’s “Zhiwu lun”
She Shiqin

Comparing Logical Paradoxes through the Method of Sublation

History as Parable
Marcin Jacoby

In the Beginning Was Observing
Sophia Katz

Chilean Asian Studies on Art
Gonzalo Maire

Heritzgiazation of Chinese Migration
Martina Bofulin

Robert E. Allinson: The Philosophical Influences of Mao Zedong. Notations, Reflections and Insights
Selusi Ambrogio


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