ToC: HJAS 80:1

Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies (Vol. 80, No. 1) Contents

Editorial Preface

About the Cover

Esoteric Wisdom King Aizen Myōō 愛染明王, sculpture in a circular shrine, ca. 1292.



A Monk for All Seasons: Visions of Jien (1155–1225) in Medieval Japan

Michael McCarty

The Memory of an Assassin and Problems of Legitimacy in the Wang Jingwei Regime (1940–1945)

Zhiyi Yang

Industry and Its Motivations: Reading Tang Xianzu’s Examination Essay on the Problem of Excess Cloth

Alexander Des Forges

If Not Philosophy, What Is Xinxue 心學?

Tina Lu


Review Essays

Material Culture and Fashion in Tang China and Beyond

Rebecca Doran

Footbinding in Economic Context: Rethinking the Problems of Affect and the Prurient Gaze

Melissa J. Brown


and reviews of books by Megan Bryson; Elena Suet-Ying Chiu; Luke Habberstad; Ji Hao; David P. Jackson; Peter Jackson; Donald S. Lopez Jr., with Rebecca Bloom, Kevin Carr, Chun Wa Chan, Ha Nul Jun, Carla Sinopoli, and Keiko Yokota-Carter; Bryan D. Lowe; Robert F. Rhodes; Hilary A. Smith; Soyoung Suh; Michael Szonyi; Nicolas Tackett; Yulian Wu; Yoon Sun Yang; and Dafna Zur

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