TOC: JCP 43, 3-4

Journal of Chinese Philosophy Volume 43, Issue 3-4
Pages: 173-348
September-December 2016

Special Theme

Preface: On Saving Anthropocene
Chung‐ying Cheng

Introduction: Ecology and Chinese Philosophy
Martin Schönfeld

Greening Confucius: Appropriating the Analects for a Future‐Oriented Reading
Martin Schönfeld

An Exploration into Neo‐Confucian Ecology
Nicholas S. Brasovan

A Confucian‐Kantian Response to Environmental Eco‐Centrism on Animal Equality
Stephen R. Palmquist Keith Ka‐Fu Chan

When there are no more Cats to Argue About: Chan Buddhist Views of Animals in Relation to Universal Buddha‐Nature
Steven Heine

Rethinking the Daoist Concept of Nature
David Chai

Daoist CI 慈, Feminist Ethics of Care, and the Dilemma of Nature
Ann A. Pang‐White

Henry Bugbee, Wilderness, and the Omnirelevance of the Ten‐Thousand Things
James Hatley


Receptivity and Creativity in Hermeneutics: From Gadamer to Onto‐Hermeneutics (Part Two)
Chung‐Ying Cheng

Book Reviews

Heaven and Earth Are Not Humane: The Problem of Evil in Classical Chinese Philosophy – By Franklin Perkins
On‐cho Ng

Why Be Moral? Learning from the Neo‐Confucian Cheng Brothers – By Yong Huang
John A. Tucker

Confucian Perfectionism: A Political Philosophy for Modern Times – By Joseph Chan
Chi Zhang

Huiying Sangdeer ji Qita – By Li Zehou
Paul J. D’Ambrosio

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