ToC: JCP 50:3

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Brill will provide free access to 20 articles of the journal. In the meantime, we would like to kindly bring your attention to its latest issue.

Theme: The Philosophy of Translation and the Translation of Philosophy

Issue 50.3


On Translation and Onto-Hermeneutics of Interpretation

Author: Chung-ying Cheng



The Philosophy of Translation, the Translation of Philosophy, and Chinese

Authors: Michael N. Forster, Guido Kreis, and Tze-wan Kwan



Foreignizing Translation and Chinese

Author: Michael N. Forster


Translating Philosophy from and into Chinese in the Light of Humboldt’s Comparativism

Author: Yijing Zhang


Lexical Field Theory and the Translation of Philosophical Works into Chinese

Author: Tze-wan Kwan


‘Transcendence’ in Being and Time and Its Chinese Translation

Author: Qingjie James Wang

Logic, ‘Logic,’ ‘Luoji,’ and 邏輯: Zhang Shizhao and the Translation of ‘Logic’ into Chinese

Authors: Michael Beaney and Xiaolan Liang


Misnomer or Mistranslation? Western Arithmetic Textbooks by E. T. R. Moncrieff and Alexander Wylie in China in the 1850s

Author: Uganda Sze Pui Kwan


Book reviews

John Dewey and Confucian Thought: Experiments in Intra-Cultural Philosophy , written by Jim Behuniak

Author: Sor-hoon Tan


China’s Global Aspirations and Confucianism, written by Anja Lahtinen

Author: Haimo Li



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