ToC: Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture 10:1

The Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture is happy to announce that they have published a new volume 10:1. This volume is titled “Special Issue — Rethinking Authorship and Agency: Women and Gender in Late Imperial China” with guest editors Grace S, Fong and Guojun Wang. This new volume has 11 different entries, please read below for a table of contents.

Beyond the Inner Chambers: Xu Zhaohua and Her Teacher Mao Qiling
Ellen Widmer

Garden, Gender, and Memory: Shang Jinglan and Her Writings in the Ming-Qing Transition
Yuefan Wang

Yangzhou Revisited: Spatial Imaginaries and Women’s Literature during the Qing
Binbin Yang

Where Have All the Guixiu Gone?: Chinese “Women of Talent” at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Xiaorong Li

“She Whistles Freely Shunning Companions”: The Embedded and Transcendent Selves of Poet-Painter Wang Liang in the Eighteenth Century
Janet Theiss

From Convention to Subversion: Case Studies on the Female Gaze in Premodern China
Grace S. Fong

Zaisheng yuan and the Writing of Women’s Culture
Maram Epstein

Agency and Strategy: Chastity Exemplars in an Early Qing Anthology
Jessica Dvorak Moyer

Virtue and Women’s Authorship in Chinese Art History: A Study of Yutai huashi (History of Painting from Jade Terrace)
Lara C. W. Blanchard

A Son’s Obligations: Promoting and Circulating Motherly Exemplariness in Late Imperial China
Martin W. Huang

Gender and Violence: The Multivalent Voices of a Cannibalized Concubine in Late Imperial Chinese Literature
Guojun Wang and Guo Yingde

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