ToC: Journal of Chinese Philosophy 49:1

The Journal of Chinese Philosophy 49:1 has been published with the title “Philosophy, Women, and Gender in the New Millennium”. There are 11 entries in this issue which was published on the 22nd of March, 2022. See below for a Table of Contents.

Women and Men Philosophers as Equal Partners
Chung-ying Cheng

Asian Traditions, Global Contexts: Philosophy, Women, and Gender in the 21st Century
Ann A. Pang-White

Gendered Skill: Skill and Knowledge in Weaving and Archery
Lisa Raphals

He Zhen and the Decolonialization of Feminism
Jana S. Rošker

Murasaki’s Epistemological Awakening: Buddhist Philosophical Roots of The Tale of Genji
Sandra A, Wawryko

Female Chastity in Confucianism: Genealogy and Radicalization
Ann A. Pang-White

“Overcoming Metaphysics”: A Fundamental Feature of Twentieth-Century Philosophy
Walter Schweidler

The Confucian Way of Family under the Gongfu功夫 Perspective – A Re-description (I)
Peimin Ni

Schopenhauer, Existential Negativity, and Buddhist Nothingness
Eric S. Nelson

Dao as You? Dropping Proper Parthood in a Mereological Reconstruction of Daoist Metaphysics
Rafal Banka

Orientalisme, occidentalisme et universalisme: Histoire et méthode des représentations croisées entre mondes européens et chinois, written by Jean-Yves Heurtebise
Eric S. Nelson

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