ToC: Journal of Chinese Philosophy vol. 46 no. 1-2

Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Volume 45, Numbers 3-4, 1 September 2018. Please see the website or below for the table of content.

  1. The Concept and Genealogy of the Ultimate Origin: an Exploration of Constancy in the Hengxian «» Text of the Shanghai Museum Collection[Note 2. This article belongs to the state social science fund …] 
    pp. 3-32(30)
    Author: Wang, Zhongjiang
  2. Ontological and Cosmological Primordium: Heng or Hengxian ? An Interpretation of Hengxian Wuyou “Prior to Heng, there is nothing” 
    pp. 33-43(11)
    Author: Xi, Bai
  3. Textual Study and Ideological Interpretation of Hengxian 
    pp. 44-57(14)
    Author: Jing, Chen
  4. Hengxian and Self‐Generation 
    pp. 58-77(20)
    Author: Feng, Cao
  5. Walls and Co‐Existence: Chinese and American Footprints 
    pp. 78-96(19)
    Author: Christoff, Peggy Spitzer
  6. Chinese Virtues, Four Prisons, and the Way On 
    pp. 97-118(22)
    Author: Mar, Gary R.
  7. Political Equality, Confucian Meritocracy, and Citizenly Participation: A Reflection 
    pp. 119-141(23)
    Author: Hong, Cheng
  8. The Journal of Wu Yubi: The Path to Sagehood. Translated, with Introduction and Commentary by M. Theresa Kelleher. (Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc., 2013. xliii+187 Pp. Paper Back. ISBN 978‐1‐62466‐042‐9.) 
    pp. 142-145(4)
    Author: Eichman, Jennifer
  9. Returning to Zhu Xi: Emerging Patterns within the Supreme Polarity. Edited by David Jones and Jinli He. (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2015. xiii+357 Pp. Hardback. ISBN 978‐1‐4384‐5837‐3.) 
    pp. 145-149(5)
    Author: Han, Christina

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