ToC: Journal of Chinese Philosophy (Volume 45, Numbers 3-4, 1 September 2018)

Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Volume 45, Numbers 3-4, 1 September 2018. Please see the website or below for the table of content.

  1. Preface: On the Ultimate as the Onto‐Generative Origin in the Hengxian
    pp. 133-135(3)
    Authors: Cheng, Chung‐Ying
  2. Introduction to the Special Theme on Hengxian 
    pp. 136-139(4)
    Author: Feng, Cao
  3. Lost in Translation: The Improbable Task of Rendering Esoteric Jewish Mystical Works into English 
    pp. 140-149(10)
    Author: Kiener, Ronald C.
  4. Reception of Old Testament Ideas in 19th Century China 
    pp. 150-156(7)
    Author: Eber, Irene
  5. The Akedah and “Guo Ju Buries His Son” : A Cross‐Textual Reading 
    pp. 157-174(18)
    Author: Meng, Zhenhua
  6. A Comparative Study of the Concepts of Torah in the Hebrew Bible and Li in Zuozhuan 
    pp. 175-189(15)
    Author: Jiang, Zhenshuai
  7. Maimonides and Zhu Xi on the Role of Classical Norms in the Pursuit of Human Perfection 
    pp. 190-206(17)
    Author: Xiuyuan, Dong
  8. The Middle Way Without a Middle: A Dialogue Between the Confucian Zhongyong and the Rabbinic Derech Haemtza 
    pp. 207-221(15)
    Author: Zhang, Ping
  9. Joy, Wisdom and Virtue—The Confucian Paradigm of Good Life 
    pp. 222-232(11)
    Author: Xinzhong, Yao
  10. Limits of Logic in Moism 
    pp. 233-251(19)
    Author: Lucas, Thierry
  11. Jiyuan Yu: An Appreciation 
    pp. 252-253(2)
    Author: Connolly, Timothy
  12. The Sage Returns: Confucian Revival in Contemporary China. Edited by Kenneth J. Hammond and Jeffrey L. Richey. (Albany, New York: State University of New York Press, 2015. 212 Pp. Hardback. ISBN 9781438454917.) 
    pp. 254-257(4)
    Author: Sun, Anna
  13. Striking Beauty: A Philosophical Look at the Asian Martial Arts. By Barry Allen. (New York: Columbia University Press, 2015. xiii, 252 Pp. ISBN 10: 0231172729.) 
    pp. 258-261(4)
    Author: McRae, James
  14. Getting to Know Confucius: A New Translation of the Analects. Translated by Lin Wusun. (Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 2010. v+23, Pp. 359. Paperback. ISBN 978‐7‐119‐06165‐8) 
    pp. 261-263(3)
    Authors: Qiu, Jingna; Zhang, Jingyuan

One thought on “ToC: Journal of Chinese Philosophy (Volume 45, Numbers 3-4, 1 September 2018)

  1. The review of “Getting to Know Confucius: A New Translation of the Analects” may not be of the latest edition. Ther e is a 2013 edition published by Long River Press (main title: “The Definitive Confucius”), “copyright 2012 Wusun Lin.” Only this edition has “View Inside!” at Amazon.

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