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The Institue of Chinese Studies has recently published volume 76 of the Journal of Chinese Studies. Included in this issue are three academic articles and fifteen book reviews (at least a few on philosophical topics). Digital copies of articles and book reviews can be downloaded here. Please read below for a table of contents.

A Comprehensive Interpretation of the “Qiye” from the Manuscripts at Tsinghua University in Beijing, with Selected Textual-critical Notes
Pham Lee Moi

Another Dialogue between Confucianism and Catholicism: The Tianzhu shiyi and the Ming–Qing Neo-Confucianism
Lu Miaw-fen

New Studies on Wei Yuan’s Idea of “Teaching and Transforming”: Its Background, Manifestations, and Changes
Yu Yihong

A Monastery on the Move: Art and Politics in Later Buddhist Mongolia. By Uranchimeg Tsultemin
Matthew King

A Philosophical Defense of Culture: Perspectives from Confucianism and Cassirer. By Shuchen Xiang
Hon Tze-Ki

Arranged Companions: Marriage and Intimacy in Qing China. By Weijing Lu
Maram Epstein

Heavenly Masters: Two Thousand Years of the Daoist State. By Vincent Goossaert
Olles Volker

Knotting the Banner: Ritual and Relationship in Daoist Practice by David J. Mozina
by Paul R. Katz

Lineages of the Literary: Tibetan Buddhist Polymaths of Socialist China by Nicole Willock
Matthew T.

The Poetry of Cao Zhi Translated by Robert Joe Cutter
Alice W. Cheang

The Suicide of Miss Xi: Democracy and Disenchantment in the Chinese Republic by Bryna Goodman

The Taiji Government and the Rise of the Warrior State by Lhamsuren Munkh-Erdene
Pamela Crossley

The Yellow River: A Natural and Unnatural History by Ruth Mostern
Micah Muscolino

War and Revolution in South China: The Story of a Transnational Biracial Family, 1936–1951 by Edward J. M. Rhoads
Emma J. Teng

Kingdoms in Peril: A Novel of the Ancient Chinese World at War by Feng Menglong. Trans. Olivia Milburn
Robert E. Hegel

The Imperial Network in Ancient China: The Foundation of Sinitic Empire in Southern East Asia by Maxim Korolkov
Yuri Pines

Mediation of Legitimacy in Early China: A Study of the Neglected Zhou Scriptures and the Grand Duke Traditions by Yegor Grebnev
Micheal Nylan

Zhuangzi: A New Translation of the Sayings of Master Zhuang as Interpreted by Guo Xiang. Trans. Richard John Lynn
Christoph Harbsmeier



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