TOC Journal of World Philosophies 3:1

The summer issue of the Journal of World Philosophies (3:1) has several articles on Chinese Philosophy (see here and below).


Tidescapes: Notes on a shi-inflected Social Science / John Law and Wen-yuan Lin

Speculation as Transformation in Chinese Philosophy: On Speculative Realism, “New” Materialism, and the Study of Li (理) and Qi (氣) / Leah Kalmanson

Symposium: How Do Cross-Cultural Studies Impact Upon the Conventional Definitions of Art?

“Knowing the Music” and Other Feats of Understanding / Meilin Chinn

Survey Article

Unity Through Diversity: Inter-world, Family Resemblance, Intertextuality / Jay Goulding

Book Reviews

Perspectives on the Methods of Chinese Philosophy / Robert Carleo

“China” as the West’s Other in World Philosophy / Steve Fuller

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