ToC: T’oung Pao

A new issue of T’oung Pao: The International Journal of Chinese Studies has been published. There are 10 articles in this issue that was published in July of 2022.  Read below for the table of contents.

Confucius Repeats Himself: On the Nature and Sources of the Lunyu 論語 (Selected Teachings)
Thomas Crone

Where There Is Unity, Order Results: Manufacturers’ Labels and the Creation of Standards in the Late Warring States Period
Ondřej Škrabal

The Tang Dynasty Origins of Song Technocracy
Charles Hartman

The Models of Transmission: Early Transmission Narratives of the Taiji tu and the Late Northern Song Intellectual Context
Thomas Dongsob Ahn

Textual Evidence for Sino-Tibetan Buddhism in Xixia
Kirill Solonin

Le thé taïwanais à la veille de son âge d’or : De l’exploitation des théiers sauvages aux premières plantations (début XVIIIe – milieu XIXe siècle)
Philippe Chevalérias

Rulers and Ruled in Ancient Greece, Rome and China , by Hans Beck and Griet Vankeerberghen (eds.) & Rome, China and the Barbarians: Ethnographic Traditions and the Transformation of Empires , by Randolph B. Ford
Damien Chaussende

Protecting the Dharma through Calligraphy in Tang China: A Study of the Ji Wang shengjiao xu 集王聖教序 The Preface to the Buddhist Scriptures Engraved on Stone in Wang Xizhi’s Collated Characters , by Pietro De Laurentis
Jean-Pierre Drège

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