Warp, Weft, and Way and social media

Greetings blog readership! I have a question on which I’d love your feedback. As many of you know, the blog has a software that autoposts blog content to Facebook and used to do so to Twitter. The autoposter has some limitations, especially that it can only be configured for two accounts — so only Aris Dashiell’s (my RA) and me posts actually get sent on to FB automatically; posts by others require Aris or me to manually intercede for them to got to FB. So far we haven’t found a better solution for that.

But what I am writing about today is actually not FB. The change of Twitter to X broke the autoposter’s connection. We can seek to restore that, but it didn’t seem that even the Twitter feed was getting much attention. So, a two-part question: (1) would you value a restored WW&W feed on X? (2) are there other social media platforms that we should attach to? Please share your views, either as comments or email me directly. Thanks!

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  1. I have been boycotting X/Twitter for a long time now due to its owner’s explicit embrace of white supremacists and even outright neo-Nazis. I understand that others make different choices, of course – this is only to say that for me and others who made a similar choice, posting on Twitter doesn’t help at all. Let me take this opportunity to express my thanks for keeping up this wonderful blog!

  2. If it wasn’t getting much attention I wouldn’t bother. I used to follow some NBA writers on Twitter but haven’t been visiting regularly in a couple of years, and by all accounts it’s a worse place these days.

  3. I have never been on Twitter (and hope anyone with a minimal sense of social and political responsibility will avoid it) and I cannot think of any other social media platforms worth attaching to. So it appears I’m generally in accord with the above sentiment.

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