Ways to Follow Warp Weft and Way: 2022

Dear all new and old blog followers,

First and foremost we would like to thank you for your continued following of Warp, Weft, and Way!

We have recently deactivated the ability to follow blog updates via email because the plug-in we were using caused numerous problems with the basic functioning of the site.

We do however have three other ways to be updated about new blog posts. First is via our facebook page which can be found here. You are able to turn on post notifications by following this page, then clicking the “following” button once again. Here is a link if you need assistance.

Secondly, we have a brand new Twitter page which can be found here! For twitter, after you follow the page you can click the bell with the plus sign to get notifications on your device (look at the picture below).

Third, you can use a RSS app on your computer or phone that notifies you when a given “feed” is updated. On the blog’s homepage you’ll see “Entries feed” (which is http://warpweftandway.com/feed/) and “Commends feed” (which is http://warpweftandway.com/comments/feed/). You can enter either or both of those into an appropriate app (for example RSS Bot) and you’ll never miss a post or comment.

We would like to just thank everyone for their continued support of the blog and hope for more expansion in the future!

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