What was published on Wang Yangming in 2016?

A Chinese journal is endeavoring to assemble a list of all the articles related to Wang Yangming published in 2016. I would like to ask anyone who knows of articles published in Europe, North America, or South America during 2016 to please post the information here as a comment, or email me directly if you prefer. Thanks!

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    • Steve Angle says:

      Very relevant, Bill, since the journal in question is published by the 孔学堂, referenced in this NYT article. I guess we might even see a tie between this topic and the thread on Daniel Bell’s interview. Certainly there are complex issues being discussed there. In my judgment, the Confucian Academy journal is a solid academic enterprise to which I myself am happy to contribute, so I’d encourage anyone with knowledge of articles on Wang to note them here.

    • Larry Israel says:

      What precisely is the nature of the project.

      By the way, the NYT article is interesting, but there are some inaccuracies in it.

    • Steve Angle says:

      Hi Larry, the description I have seen is: “孔学堂准备创办《阳明学年鉴》,将广泛收录2016年度中国大陆、港台、日韩和欧美阳明学研究相关论文和书籍.” I gather they’ll be publishing one of these per year.

      What are the inaccuracies that you noticed?

  1. Larry Israel says:

    Actually, let me retract that. Excellent article and great writer too. Just given the volume of scholarship and conference activity about him prior to 2000 I wasn’t sure what the comment about the ban being lifted about that time is referring too.

    • Larry Israel says:

      Here you go, Steve,

      Chang, Tzu-li. “Re-exploring Wang Yangming’s Theory of Liangzhi: Translation, Transliteration, and Interpretation.” Philosophy East and West 66, no. 4 (Oct. 2016): 1196-2017

      Hall, Joshua M. “Nerve/Nurses of the Cosmic Doctor: Wang Yangming on Self-Awareness as World Awareness.” Asian Philosophy 26, no. 2 (2016): 149-65.

      Israel George L .“The Renaissance of Wang Yangming Studies in the People’s Republic of China.” Philosophy East and West vol. 66, no. 3 (July 2016): 1001-1019.

      Bresciani, Umberto. Wang Yangming: An Essential Biography. Passerino Editore, 2016.

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