What was published on Wang Yangming in 2016?

A Chinese journal is endeavoring to assemble a list of all the articles related to Wang Yangming published in 2016. I would like to ask anyone who knows of articles published in Europe, North America, or South America during 2016 to please post the information here as a comment, or email me directly if you prefer. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “What was published on Wang Yangming in 2016?

    • Very relevant, Bill, since the journal in question is published by the 孔学堂, referenced in this NYT article. I guess we might even see a tie between this topic and the thread on Daniel Bell’s interview. Certainly there are complex issues being discussed there. In my judgment, the Confucian Academy journal is a solid academic enterprise to which I myself am happy to contribute, so I’d encourage anyone with knowledge of articles on Wang to note them here.

    • What precisely is the nature of the project.

      By the way, the NYT article is interesting, but there are some inaccuracies in it.

    • Hi Larry, the description I have seen is: “孔学堂准备创办《阳明学年鉴》,将广泛收录2016年度中国大陆、港台、日韩和欧美阳明学研究相关论文和书籍.” I gather they’ll be publishing one of these per year.

      What are the inaccuracies that you noticed?

  1. Actually, let me retract that. Excellent article and great writer too. Just given the volume of scholarship and conference activity about him prior to 2000 I wasn’t sure what the comment about the ban being lifted about that time is referring too.

    • Here you go, Steve,

      Chang, Tzu-li. “Re-exploring Wang Yangming’s Theory of Liangzhi: Translation, Transliteration, and Interpretation.” Philosophy East and West 66, no. 4 (Oct. 2016): 1196-2017

      Hall, Joshua M. “Nerve/Nurses of the Cosmic Doctor: Wang Yangming on Self-Awareness as World Awareness.” Asian Philosophy 26, no. 2 (2016): 149-65.

      Israel George L .“The Renaissance of Wang Yangming Studies in the People’s Republic of China.” Philosophy East and West vol. 66, no. 3 (July 2016): 1001-1019.

      Bresciani, Umberto. Wang Yangming: An Essential Biography. Passerino Editore, 2016.

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