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Help with locating article

Does anyone know where or how I can get hold of a copy of the following article:

Paola Carrozza. 2002. “A Critical Review of the Principal Studies on the Four Manuscripts Preceding the B Version of the Mawangdui Laozi.” B.C Asian Review, No.13

I’m unable to locate the author and the article.

There is apparently an open access link from the Monumenta Serica website, but it doesn’t work (http://www.monumenta-serica.de/monumenta-serica/library/periodicals/western/b/B-C-Asian-Review.php).

Thanks in advance for help,

Karyn Lai

November 12th, 2015 Posted by | Chinese philosophy - 中國哲學 - 中国哲学 | 4 comments

4 Responses to Help with locating article

  1. Bill Haines says:

    The author seems to be here, with a link for emailing:

  2. karynlai says:

    Thanks very much Bill. Apologies; I should have mentioned that I’d tried this email address but my email bounced back.

  3. David Chai says:

    Hi Karyn,

    Just emailed you a copy.


  4. karynlai says:

    Yes, received. Many thanks, David.-KL

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