Workshop on approaches to Chinese philosophical texts

The Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania (with support from the department’s Rickett Fund) will host a one-day workshop on approaches to Chinese philosophical texts on Oct. 5, 2019.  Herewith the confirmed list of speakers:

Stephan Peter Bumbacher

Michael Hunter

Martin Kern

Esther S. Klein

Kwong-loi Shun

Edward G. Slingerland

David B. Wong

Stay tuned for further details!  The workshop will be free and open to the public, but advance registration will be requested.


4 replies on “Workshop on approaches to Chinese philosophical texts”

  1. This is an exiting prospect. I’m looking forward to further details.

    I’d be grateful too if anyone would suggest, in priority order, some readings that might help prepare me to get more out of the workshop – me and others currently in a similar state of unpreparedness.

  2. Bill–Just came across this and thought I’d chime in with some ideas.

    Mick Hunter has some article-length forays that can introduce you to his approach (his Mengzi-Lunyu paper, for example). Some of Ted’s relevant work can be found in the latter half of his recent book, and also in some papers (the JAAR piece on ‘big data’ for example). Klein has done quite a bit dissecting the early formation of the Zhuangzi (big piece in T’oung Pao a few years back). Wong has a readable short intellectual bio in ‘The Excitement of Crossing Boundaries’ that can give some sense of his approach. For Shun, check out his contribution to Sor-hoon Tan’s Bloomsbury Handbook on methodologies. (Ted has a contribution there too I think.)

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