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  1. I wanted to participate the world Philosophical congress and wanted to present the research paper on Madhyamika Philosophy of Buddhism. In order to bring peace and happiness in the world the Buddhist Philosophy can paly the key role.
    So pleas give me the chance to participate in the forthcoming congress.
    Thanks of lots
    Khenpo (Dr) Konchok Rigzen
    Leh Ladakh

  2. I would like to inform you that first i wish the congress should have a brilliant session and i am willing to participate and present the paper in World Congress of Philosophy 2018 in Beijing. I would like to present paper on Buddhist professional ethics as well as Wittgenstein’s philosophy.
    Please fix my name to this unique congress.
    Dr. Udayakumar,Associate Professor,Centre for Mahayana Buddhist studies, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur,Andhra Pradesh,India.

  3. I am Research Scholar in the University of Delhi. I wanted to participate the world Philosophy Congress Held in Beijing (Japan). I wanted to present a paper Philosophy and Psychoanalysis.

  4. I am willing to participate in world congress of philisophy.i would like to present a paper on spirituality in action

  5. Please contact World Congress organizers through the site(s) linked in the post. We at Warp Weft and Way are not the organizers. Thank you.