IUP World Philosophies series

Indiana University Press has a new-ish series called “World Philosophies” that I have not previously noted here on the blog. See here and below.

World Philosophies

This book series is dedicated to exploring the rich philosophical traditions and inventive spirit of contemporary philosophy in non-western countries and cultures around the globe. The series aims to publish the most original and distinguished work that will advance plural traditions and promote cosmopolitan interaction between philosophers and their work on a global scale. Works considered for the series will include, but will not be limited to, historical and theoretical studies that serve to forward and reconstruct the terrain and scope of philosophical interrogation when and where it occurs. Works that consider the influence and impact of Western philosophy on world philosophies and vice versa will also be considered. Types of books published will include (again, without imposing limits and in no particular order): philosophical biographies, anthologies, original philosophical work, translations, surveys, and histories. Inquiries may be addressed to: Dee Mortensen, Editorial Director, mortense@indiana.edu.

Bret W. Davis, D. A. Masolo, and Alejandro Vallega, editors

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