Zhao Tingyang lecture and series

The Center for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Studies at Universität Tübingen is sponsoring a series of four on-line lectures titled “Tianxia (and its critique).” All lectures take place online at 2 pm CEST (8 am U.S., 8 pm China):

22 Sep — Tingyang Zhao: “The maze of Tianxia–all-under-heaven”
20 Oct — Stephen Angle: “The Limits of Tianxia
17 Nov — Georg Stenger: tba
15 Dec — Aurélie Névot: “From tianxia to tianxia-ism”

All lectures will be available at: this zoom link.

Please contact the organizer, Dr. Niels Weidtmann, with any questions.

2 replies on “Zhao Tingyang lecture and series”

  1. I must admit: I know nothing about the topic. I would be curious as to where the presentation/talk goes on the ‘ism’ piece. It seems nothing is sacred, or immune from ismic characterization. Unless, it might be Islam—one could easily envision an ism being tacked on. But , people have been sentenced to death, by Fatwa ( or Fiat), for little more. Well, one anyway. Christianism would barely raise an eyebrow. Creatively, the female speaker faces a bigger challenge than the other prospective speakers, seems to me. Best of success, for all!

  2. It is just a heaven based ideas about persons values and their conjuctions with the Heaven in chinese philosophy. You should understand it without any speculations about -ism between …b.c. and modern times

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