Ziporyn's "Zhuangzi as Philosopher"

Prompted by our recent string of posts on Zhuangzi, I have added a link (in the “References and Tools” section) to the supplemental material that Brook Ziporyn has prepared together with his translation of the text (Zhuangzi: The Essential Writings [Hackett, 2009]). Particularly relevant to recent discussions might be Brook’s essay “Zhuangzi as Philosopher,” which is included with the other materials. If anyone has any comments or questions about that essay, or the other materials, there’s a chance that comments posted here may elicit replies from Brook….

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  1. Realizing that there are quite a number of interesting “supplementary materials” on the Hackett website, including Bryan Van Norden’s quite detailed textual commentary on Mengzi, I’ve changed the link in the References and Tools section to refer to all of the Hackett materials; scroll through to find the particular text you desire.

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