SACP Panels at the APA East, 2013


GIX-7. Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy
2:45-5:45 p.m.
Topic:  Comparative Approaches to Ethics, Politics, and Language: Sentimentalism, Human Rights, and Right Action
Chair: Ian Sullivan
  • Benedict Chan, “How Does the Capability Approach Contribute to the Debate Between Confucianism and Liberalism on Human Rights?”
  • Christina Chuang, “East and West Moral Sentimentalism: Hutcheson and Mencius”
  • Bryan Kimoto, “Time and Space: Levinas and Watsuji on the Ethical Metaphysics of Persons”
  • Mathew Foust, “Bushido and Royce: Japanese Samurai Ethics and the Philosophy of Loyalty”
  • Yumi Suzuki, “‘Saying’ as Action: Philosophy of Language in the Zhuangzi”
GXII-4.  Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy
1:30-4:30 p.m.
Topic: Reclassification and Recontextualization in Comparative Philosophy
Chair: Christina Chuang
  • Laura Specker Sullivan, “Nishida and the Moral Will”
  • Ben Zenk , “Nāgārjuna’s MMK: An Instance of Upāya?”
  • Kyle Peters, “Beyond Emptiness: Nishida’s Fusionary Approach to Art”
  • Ian Sullivan, “Relational Autonomy in Confucian Ethics and Care Ethics”
  • Rika Dunlap, “Hope and the Recontextualization of History in Miki Kiyoshi’s Later Philosophy of Activity”

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