2011 Confucian Studies Summer Camp

An announcement from the Center for East West Relations at Beijing Foreign Studies University:

You are invited to the 2011 Confucian Studies Summer Camp for Teachers of Chinese Culture at the Nishan Birthplace of the Sage Academy in Shandong Province, China.

This month-long institute, from July 2 to July 30, is intended for teachers and select graduate students of Chinese language and culture. Led by distinguished professors Roger T. Ames, Henry Rosemont, Jr., and Tian Chenshan, this unique program will impart an interpretive and pedagogical strategy that allows the Classics to speak from within a distinctive Chinese tradition, bypassing the myriad problems caused by viewing Chinese thought through the lens of western presuppositions. We will be carefully considering the differences in language and cultural context that make translating ideas from Chinese both challenging and enriching. China’s rising global influence and the revival of Confucianism as a cultural force create a need for educators and scholars who can take that tradition on its own terms and explain it to students in the modern world.

The Nishan Birthplace of the Sage Academy is located in Confucius’s hometown near Mount Nishan in Sishui County, Shandong Province. The Academy provides comfortable modern accommodations and a convenient base for field trips to both Confucius’s and Mencius’s birthplaces, homes, temples, and tombs. The Academy is on the leading edge of the burgeoning revival of traditional culture in China.

The sponsors at the Center for East-West Relations at Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Bejing Sihai Confucius Institute, the Nishan Birthplace of the Sage Academy, and the East-West Center in Hawaii welcome and encourage you to join us this July for a unique and enriching summer program.

Please note: We have removed the Chinese language requirement since all classes will be conducted in English and we will be working with previously translated materials.

Applications are due April 1.

For more information and application instructions, see our website at     http://www.cewr-china.com/ and http://cewren.user.d-jet.com/show.aspx?id=69&cid=12 or email us at nishansummercewrbw@gmail.com or call 011-86-10-8881-5305.

We hope to see you this Summer.

-The Center for East West Relations at Beijing Foreign Studies University-

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