2011 ISCWP Beijing Roundtable on Contemporary Philosophy

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2011 Term of Beijing Roundtable on Contemporary Philosophy

Theme / 討論主題:
“Classical Texts and Philosophical Interpretation:
In View of Studies of Chinese Philosophy and Development of Contemporary Philosophy”
經典文本與哲學解釋: 中國哲學研究與當代哲學發展

Time: 3rd June 2011, Friday, 08:30-18:00

時間: 201163, 8點半至晚6

Location: North Distinct 1, Humanities Building, Conference Room 801, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China


Discussion language: English and/or Chinese


Academic Organizer: International Society for Comparative Studies of Chinese and Western Philosophy (ISCWP)

學術組織方: 國際中西哲學比較研究學會

Host & Co-sponsor: Department of Philosophy, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China

東道主/共同贊助方: 首都師范大學哲學系

Co-sponsor: Center for Comparative Philosophy, San Jose State University, USA

共同贊助方: 美國加州圣荷塞州立大學比較哲學研究中心

Bai, Xi (白奚 Capital Normal University, China): “How Is It Possible for the Traditional Way of Studies of Chinese Philosophy to Continue” [“中國哲學傳統研究方式的延續何以可能”]

Camus, Rina Marie (甘海寧National Chengchi University, Taiwan, ROC): “How Is It Possible for Aristotle and Neo-Confucianism to Engage with Each Other on Metaphyiscs?” [“亞里士多德與宋明儒學的形而上學之互動何以可能”]

Chu, Zhaohua (儲昭華 Wuhan University, China): “The Interpreter’s Anticipation and the Meaning of Classical Texts in Philosophical Interpretation: in View of Guo Xiang on Zhuang Zi” [“解釋者之期望與文本解釋之意義﹕以郭象解庄為案例”]

Jiang, Tao (蔣韜 Rutgers University, USA): “Zhuang Zi’s Hua under Philosophical interpretation: A Daoist Notion of Freedom” [“對莊子論“化”的哲學解釋﹕一個道家的自由概念”]

Martinich, A. P. (University of Texas at Austin, USA): “Bad Ideal Interpretation: The Case of the Book of Odes and the Song of Songs” [“理想解釋中的糟糕解釋﹕對《詩經》和 《詩歌》解釋的個案分析”]

Mou, Bo (牟博 San Jose State University, USA): “An Exploration of Adequacy Conditions for Philosophical Interpretation of Classical Texts” [“論對經典文本之哲學解釋的適當性條件”]

Schneider, Henrique (University of Vienna, Austria): “Reading Han Fei Zi as ‘Social Scientist’” [“韓非子作為‘社會科學家’之解讀”]

Tsu, Peter Shiu-Hwa (祖旭華Australian National University, Australia) and Chun-Wei Cheng (鄭鈞瑋 National Taiwan University, Taiwan, ROC): “”A Philosophical Interpretation: How Can Wittgenstein’s Beetle Argument Contribute to Zhuang Zi’s Fish Argument?” [“維特根斯坦之‘甲虫’論證何以可能對莊子之‘游魚’論證作出貢獻﹕一個哲學解釋”]

Wenning, Mario (University of Macau / University of Frankfurt, German): “Daoism as a Critical Theory: a Philosophical Interpretation” [“道家哲學作為一種批判理論﹕一個哲學解釋”]


Mei, Jianhua (梅劍華Capital Normal University, China)
Sheng, Ke (盛珂 Capital Normal University, China)
Ye, Chuang (葉闖Peking University, China)
Zhang, Xianglong (張祥龍Peking University, China)

All interested ISCWP members and other interested colleagues are welcome to participate. For further information concerning its academic coordination, contact Bo Mou; for further information concerning its host organization, contact Prof. Jianhua Mei. Thanks for your attention.

Best wishes,

Bo Mou
ISCWP academic coordinator
of 2011 Beijing Roundtable

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