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Chinese and Comparative Philosophy 中國哲學與比較哲學

Philosophy Encyclopedias and Chinese Philosophy

One of the things I subscribe to in Google Reader, but almost never look at, is a feed from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy listing new or updated articles. Why am I subscribed to this? I have no idea. But yesterday I clicked on it, and started to scroll back through the new stuff posted there over the last months. Increasingly, I found myself wondering: how come none of these concern Chinese philosophy? A fair number dealt with figures or concepts from Indian or Tibetan philosophy, but not until I got all the way back to Dec 6, 2010 did I find a mention of China. That’s when Kwong-loi Shun updated his article on Mencius. You want the most recent new article on Chinese philosophy? That would be October 1, 2009, when Alan Chan posted one on Neo-Taoism. Continue reading “Philosophy Encyclopedias and Chinese Philosophy”

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Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography

I’d like to pass on some information I’ve received concerning the “Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography” (DCB), from Marjolijn (Mar) KAISER 柯悠伦, China Projects Coordinator. She writes:

…We are proud to present a set of sample pages, including three articles from different periods, by Frank Billé, Frances Wood, and Jonathan Fenby, an introduction by our editor in chief, Kerry Brown, a list of entries, and character lists and glossaries. You can view these sample pages here: http://ow.ly/bLoUx.

Certain articles have proven to be more difficult to assign than expected, including many emperors, military leaders, and even philosophers. We are very keen on including the following unassigned figures; please contact me if you are interested: Continue reading “Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography”

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