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CFP From AAR Confucian Traditions Group

The Confucian Traditions Group of the AAR invites proposals concerning any aspect of Confucianism from any geographical area. Topics of particular interest this coming year are:

  • Confucianism, death, and after
  • Confucian interaction with Buddhism
  • archaeological discoveries and Confucian texts
  • contemporary representations of Confucianism, post-modern Confucianism, and/or Confucius Institutes
  • roles and agency in Confucianism
  • feelings and emotions

Proposals for a panel with a well-conceived theme and structure stand the strongest chance of acceptance, whereas proposals for an individual paper do not.

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Symposium on Japanese Buddhism and Continental Philosophy at Harvard

Some readers might be interested in a symposium cosponsored by the Center for the Study of World Religions, Harvard Divinity School, and the Center for Humanities, Science and Religion, Ryukoku University:

Close Voices from Far Away: Japanese Buddhism and Continental Philosophy

Friday, November 30, 2012
Harvard University
Center for the Study of World Religions
42 Francis Avenue
Cambridge, MA

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Stoic Week

A fascinating experiment this next week: live like a stoic. Having taught a course, “Philosophy as a Way of Life,” that included a five-day practical exercise at the end (living for those five days as inspired by Seneca was one option; the Analects and Zhuangzi were other options), I am intrigued! (Here is a link to some discussion on our blog here prior to my teaching that class. I keep meaning to post some follow-up thoughts, but haven’t yet gotten around to it….) There is a lot of interesting material available at the website linked above, including specific exercises!