New Book: Patriotism in East Asia

Jun-Hyeok Kwak (Soongsil University; website here) writes: 
I am very pleased to inform you that Patriotism in East Asia in the Routledge Series of Political Theories in East Asia has just been published. Please
find the website here in case you are interested. This volume contributes to the debates surrounding patriotism and nationalism in East Asia, and investigates the feasibility of non-enthnocentric patriotism in countries across the region.

And two more volumes in the series will come out soon. Worlding Multiculturalisms: The Politics of Inter-Asian Dwelling (edited by Daniel Goh) & Republicanism in Northeast Asia (edited by Jun-Hyeok Kwak & Leigh Jenco).
Now, we are preparing book proposals for the volumes, Leo Strauss in East Asian Context and Machiavelli in Northeast Asia, and we will have two workshops in December, which will be included in the series, as entitled Democratic Leadership in East Asia and Nationalism and Religion in East Asian Context.

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