Poetic Metaphysics of the Dao De Jing

Another in a series of posts by guest blogger Joel Dietz, discussing the metaphysical doctrine of the Dao De Jing. Please address comments to him. There is a natural relationship between metaphysics and “esoteric” subjects, insofar as metaphysics generally claims to discuss reality in a way that is not perceived by every human being, including […]

Philosophy and Poetry

Continuing his series of guest-posts (earlier posts are here and here), Joel Dietz addresses himself to poetry and philosophy, particularly in the context of the Dao De Jing.

Rethinking the "mystical" in the Dao De Jing

Joel Dietz, a regular follower of the blog, has written up the following summary of research he has been doing into the nature and background of “mystical” texts like the Dao De Jing. It’s fascinating stuff; enjoy! Please address comments to Joel.

Teaching Chinese Thought: Observations on Pedagogy

Regular blog reader Joel Dietz offers his thoughts, in this guest post, on teaching Chinese thought—mainly as viewed from the “consumer” or student end of the interaction. In the comments, please respond to Joel. Despite the recent interest in China from an economic perspective, relatively few colleges offer courses which attempt to offer an “Introduction […]