Adjunct Lecturer needed at Fairfield

This is of interest only to those in the New York/New England area. I’m on an administrative rotation with a reduced teaching load so my department needs someone to teach the Confucianism course this coming Fall. It’s about 20-25 students. A suitably experienced candidate might also be able to pick up a general introduction to philosophy course as well (also 20-25 students). There may also be another course in Spring 2013 — a course called “Asian Philosophies.” And, fyi, I do have another year on the rotation after next year so we’ll likely need someone then as well…

Send any inquiries to my chair; his contact details are below:

The Fairfield University Philosophy Department is looking to hire an instructor to teach PH 241: Confucianism during Fall 2012. This class is scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:30 to 4:45 p.m. The first day for this class is September 7th. Students taking this course will have already taken at least one course in philosophy, but this would be their first course in Asian philosophy. The pay for an instructor with a Ph.D. is $4,200. The pay for an instructor with a master’s degree is $3,800. Fairfield is located approximately 70 minutes from New York City on Metro North’s New Haven line. CV should be emailed to: Steven M. Bayne, Chair, at