Alphabet Soup at the Pacific APA

The Pacific APA Program Committee has shared the tentative Group Meeting Program with the groups that are sponsoring panels. Here is the message we received:

A draft version of the 2010 Pacific Division Group Program is now available on-line at (You’re quite welcome to circulate this link to your group’s members.)

This is a preliminary program that we have posted in order to identify problems. Please take a look at the draft and let me know by Wednesday, November 18th of any corrections that should be made.

However, please understand that putting on a program as large and complex as this means that requests for timetable changes can only be made in rare and extraordinary circumstances. Moreover, we are at this point using every appropriate and available meeting room in the hotel.

The 2010 program is large and we strongly advise anyone who wishes to stay at the conference hotel to book a room now. The above web site also has links to the hotel web site.

If you click on the link and sift through it, you will find a number of panels sponsored by groups that many of us are affiliated with: ISCWP, ISCP, ACPA, and SACP. (Links to the websites of these groups can be found on the right-hand border of this blog.) You will note that, due to the limited slots available for group meetings, sometimes the panels sponsored by two of these groups conflict with one another. On the other hand, it is always that case that there are conflicts among panels dealing in Western philosophical traditions, so perhaps we should not be worried. So I offer this partly just for your information, and partly to see whether anyone has thoughts on the current roles that the four groups are playing in promoting Chinese and comparative philosophy.

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  1. Hey Steve, do you know how to get in contact with the people who construct the program? On both the panels I’m on they’ve got my affiliation listed as UConn rather than Dayton.

    • Usually, the group meetings are in the late afternoon or evening. The “main” program meetings are in the day. Also, lots of schmoozing (guanxi massaging) and sightseeing (playing hookie; it is San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, or Vancouver after all…). I can only vouch for myself.

    • One will be able to find me hanging out in Chinatown (right up the street from the conference hotel) and at various SF bars. I love that city (my second favorite city on earth, behind my hometown DC), and had a blast last time I was there for the Pacific. Man, I can’t wait…

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