Analogies, Models and Images in Early Chinese and Græco-Roman Ethics

Analogies, Models and Images in Early Chinese and Græco-Roman Ethics

Symposium, Institute of Philosophy, Berne 12th-15th December


Space is limited. Please register by contacting the convenor Prof. Richard King (


Discussants Sarah Broadie, St Andrews, Karine Chemla CNRS, Gavin Lawrence, UCLA, Michael Lackner, Erlangen, Arnd Kerkhecker, Berne, Richard King, Berne, Georgia Tsouni, Berne, Oliver Weingarten, Prague


Friday, December 12, 2014, 18:15 Room HS 220, University of Berne Hochschulstrasse 4, CH-3012 Berne

Jeremy Tanner, Archaeology, University College London The Ethics and the Aesthetics of Tyrannicide in Classical Athens and Early Imperial China


Saturday, December 13, 2014 Room F-121, University of Berne Lerchenweg 36, CH-3012 Berne

09:00 Lisa Raphals, Chinese and Comparative Literature, UC Riverside Which Self Image?

10:45 Yu Jiyuan, Philosophy, Buffalo Linking Man with Nature: Analogies, Models and Images in Stoic and Daoist Moral Naturalism

13:15 Jenny Jingyi Zhao, Classics, Cambridge, Models of Behaviour: Xunzi and Aristotle on the Politics of Moral Education

15:00 David Machek, Philosophy, Toronto, The Craft of Living According to Zhuangzi and Stoicism

16:45 Yumi Suzuki, Philosophy, Hong Kong, Mohist Fa and Platonic Ideas


Sunday, December 14, 2014, Room F-121, University of Berne, Lerchenweg 36, CH-3012 Berne

09:00 Ralph Weber, Institute for European Global Studies, University

of Basel, On Vagueness in Inquiry: The Cases of Analogy and Comparison and the Example of Early Chinese and Graeco-Roman Ethics

10:45 Wolfgang Behr, Sinology, Zurich, The Lexicon and Syntax of Equative/Similative Constructions in Early Chinese in a Cross-Linguistic Perspective: Typology, Etymology, and the Morphology of Ideas

13:15 Christopher Cullen, Needham Research Institute, Cambridge Changing Heaven and Earth: Observation, Calculation and Ideology in Early Imperial China.

15:00 Rafael Suter, Sinology, Zurich, Meaning and Structure: Argumentation in the Chunqiu Fanlu

16:45 Winnie Sung, Philosophy, NTU Singapore, Images in Jiebipian of the Xunzi

18:30 Mary Louise Gill, Philosophy, Brown University, Models in Plato’s Statesman


Monday, December 15, 2014, Room 205, University of Berne Hallerstrasse 6, CH-3012 Berne

09:00 William Charlton, emeritus, Philosophy, Edinburgh, Some Uses of Analogy in Classical Greek Philosophy

10:45 Magdalena Hoffmann, Philosophy, Berne, Figures of Excellence. A Comparative Analysis of Plato’s Philosopher Kings, Aristotle’s Phronimos and the Stoic Sage

13:15 Sir Geoffrey Lloyd, FBA, Needham Research Institute, Cambridge Analogies, Images and Models in Ethics: Some First-Order and Second- Order Observations on Their Use in Ancient Greece and China

14:45 End of the symposium

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Those interested in attending should register by contacting the convenor Prof. Richard King (



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