2013 Dao Annual Best Essay Award

The editorial board of Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy has concluded its two months long deliberation on 2013 Dao Annual Best Essay Award, and its winner is:
Amy Olberding, “Confucius’ Complaints and the Analects‘ Account of the Good Life,” Dao 12.4: 417-440.
Congratulations, Amy!
 The following is the official citation of the award winning essay:
“Confucius’ Complaints and the Analects‘ Account of the Good Life” is a highly original and thought provoking interpretation of the Analects focusing on an internal tension in the text. Its insightful reflection on a cluster of often neglected passages, in which Confucius seems to complain of the life he leads, feels its sorrows, admits his fallibility, and even possesses some despair, yields a convincing alternative reading that questions and illuminates the kind of exemplar Confucius is supposed to be and the way the Analects serves as an ethical guide for ordinary people. It exemplifies the type of research that Dao aims to promote.
The paper will soon be set for free access at: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11712-013-9343-0
There will be a special panel discussion on this award winning essay at APA Eastern this year, where a certificate of the award as well as a check of $1,000 will be presented. The panel will consist two or three commentators on this essay and the author’s responses to their comments, as well as open discussion.

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