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The APA has released the latest version of its guide to graduate programs in philosophy. It is searchable by field, and currently only three programs (all MA only) are listed under Asian Philosophy, and none under Comparative Philosophy. I know that the situation is dire, but it isn’t quite *that* dire! This is based on self-reported data, so if your school’s program includes Asian or Comparative Philosophy, you might use the feedback form on the site to ask that this information be included.

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  1. So, as Steve notes this is, so far, not as accurate a list as it could be. Maybe people are tired of participating on lists because of the rankings controversies generated recently on those types of lists — well, primarily one other list. I think this APA guide could be a good venue for pushing out information to potential students. Maybe it is worth generating — or revisiting the idea of — our own (non-ranked, of course) list on this blog?

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