APA on Demand: How to Infuse Asian Content into Philosophy Courses

The American Philosophical Association on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies held an APA Live webinar, How to Infuse Asian Content into Philosophy Courses, in celebration of Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Heritage Month. They recorded this webinar in which teachers and scholars shared strategies for effectively infusing Asian content into philosophy courses. Click here to find the recording of the sessions (you must be an APA member to access); the panelists are:

  • Minh Nguyen (Facilitator), Professor of Philosophy and Assistant Dean of the Honors College, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Alexus McLeod, Professor of Religious Studies, Indiana University
  • May Sim, Professor of Philosophy and Director of Asian Studies Program, College of the Holy Cross
  • Anand Jayaprakash Vaidya, Professor of Philosophy, San Jose State University

2 thoughts on “APA on Demand: How to Infuse Asian Content into Philosophy Courses

  1. I don’t know much about this. Have thought, given the attention to Eastern thought and philosophy over my lifetime, that much has been achieved towards inclusion of Asian wisdom. Guessing from this post there has not been enough?
    Cross-referencing the piece on racelessness read this morning, my ignorance is apparent. Best of success to all who remain civil in their discourse. Culture is tentative. Circumstances and contingencies…

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