Articles published in Philosophy Compass, 2022

Announcing a series of peer-reviewed articles published to date in 2022, in Philosophy Compass

The Confucian Ren and Care Debate: Reassessment, Development, and Future Directions
Chenyang Li
04 August 2022 (early view)

The irony of Confucius
Dimitra Amarantidou
Volume 17, Issue 6
09 May 2022

Sincerity (cheng) as a civic and political virtue in classical Confucian philosophy
Dawid Rogacz
Volume 17, Issue 6
24 April 2022

Mencius and Xunzi on the legitimate use of offensive force: A pacifistic critique of recent just war interpretations
Kurtis Hagen
Volume 17, Issue 6
15 April 2022

Death in the Zhuangzi: Themes, arguments, and interpretations
Pengbo Liu
Volume 17, Issue 4
17 March 2022

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