Asian Philosophy 32:4

A new issue of Asian Philosophy Volume 32:4 has recently came out. In this edition there are 6 new articles. Read below for a table of contents.

The origin of human morality: An evolutionary perspective on Mencius’s notion of sympathy
Kanghun Ahn
Apocalyptic claims and the everyday: Tosaka Jun, history, and journalism
Emerson R. Bodde
Śaṅkara’s philosophy of dreaming: Constructing an unreal world
Neil Dalal
On the philosophical function of the ‘sage’ in the Laozi
Paul J. D’Ambrosio
A logical analysis of the debate on Hao River
Xudong Hao
The concept of svasaṃvedana in Dignāga and Candrakīrti
Tsering Nurboo

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