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Author meets critics session at Central APA on Stalnaker, Mastery, Dependence, and the Ethics of Authority


The Central Division Meeting of the APA is this week.  There will be a session on Aaron Stalnaker’s new book, Mastery, Dependence, and the Ethics of Authority on Friday morning from 9 to noon.

Chair: Michael Slater (Georgetown University)

Author: Aaron Stalnaker (Indiana University)

Critics: Nancy Snow (University of Oklahoma)

Brad Cokelet (University of Kansas)

Patricia Marechal (Northwestern University)

Richard Kim (Loyola University Chicago)

If you’re in Chicago for the APA, please come by!


  1. If any of these “Critics” (I’ve never liked the antagonistic tone set by the name of these sessions, btw) have not yet published or committed to publishing a review of Stalnaker’s book, please contact me. – Manyul

    • Hi Manyul,

      I agree about the nomenclature, but the session itself was great. The whole exchange will be coming out in Philosophy East and West in 2021.

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