Axiomathes becomes Global Philoosphy

The journal Axiomathes has recently changed editors and broadened its scope to become Global Philosophy. The journal’s website says:

We are happy to announce Global Philosophy as the new name of our journal. Global philosophy is an ideal, to go beyond the private, sectarian, cultural and geographical limited discourses going on in current philosophy and open the conversation to all philosophers who are qualified, but somehow have been eliminiated from the discourse. Through online platforms and forums, democratic communication to reach this ideal has become easier to achieve than ever. The ideal of Global Philosophy has never been easier to become a reality for everyone in the community.

Our Editor in Chief, John Symons from Kansas University, US, is certainly one of the best scholars to gather an international and diverse editorial board to cover the goal that this journal has had in mind since the beginning. … Read more about the new scope in this editorial:

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