Wong Wins Dao Best Essay Award

Yong Huang writes:

The editorial board of Dao has just finished the selection of 2015 Dao Annual Best Essay Award. Professor David Wong’s paper, “Early Confucian Philosophy and Development of Compassion” (Dao 14.2: 157-194), wins the award. Congratulations, David!

The paper is now set for free access at this link: Early Confucian Philosophy and the Development of Compassion The following is its official citation:

In “Early Confucian Philosophy and Development of Compassion,” David Wong carefully examines such metaphors as adorning, crafting, water flowing down, and growing sprouts used for moral cultivation in early Confucian texts, the Analects, Mencius, and Xunzi. While clearly with different meanings, Wong argues that, far from being competitive, such metaphors, working together, adequately reflect the complexity of moral cultivation, which in turn reflects the complexity of human nature. Central to this picture of moral cultivation is its emphasis on the relational and holistic aspects: cultivation of self with others and within social practices. Wong makes a strong case for this Confucian version by connecting it with some of the best of contemporary human sciences, including psychology, cognitive sciences, and neurosciences. Wong’s essay seamlessly combines solid textual analysis with sophisticated philosophical argument. It exemplifies the type of scholarship that Dao aims to promote.

As in the past, we will arrange a panel discussion of this award winning essay at the immediate following APA Eastern annual meeting, consisting two or three commentators, followed by Wong’s response. The certificate of award, together with a check of $1,000, will be presented on this occasion. 

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