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  1. Hi,
    Has anyone attended this conference? I would be grateful if you can share the contents from the conference.
    The program shows that Steve Angle presented. Can you share with us, please?

  2. Hi there,

    It was a terrific conference. Two structural things stood out for me: (1) in the context of contemporary Confucianism, it was stimulating to have discussions from so many different disciplinary perspectives (intellectual and cultural history; sociology and media studies; European sinology; in addition to philosophy and political theory). (2) The conference was arranged so that we had ample time for discussion. This led to some extended exchanges that I definitely learned some things from! It was unfortunate that Lin An-wu was not able to attend, having had some personal issues arise at the last minute.

    There were a lot of specific areas of overlapping interest/debate. One example was the question of how independent rights need to be from ethical judgment, and what sort of grounding or justification is needed for this independence. I argued that Tongdong’s view did not adequately ground rights; Daniel complained that my position, in turn, was more complicated and indirect than necessary. I’m not sure whether we convinced one another, but the exchange was fuller and more explicit than if often the case, at least!

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