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I’m working on a couple of new pages to replace the “shameless” duo, Shamelessly Brief Book Reviews and Shameless Self-Promotion. Not out of shame, but because they were catchier more than useful. In their stead, there will be a page with a list of research resources: electronic dictionaries/concordances and electronic text sites. There will also be a graduate-study-in-Chinese-and-comparative-philosophy reference page (yes; the one I promised to provide in “early” autumn).

Of course “working on” means lots of things; in this context it means I’m trying to think about the design and features of these pages in between things I’m under moral compunction to do this weekend (entertaining my immediate progeny, grading, actually reading the things I’ll be teaching next week, writing a promised book review, refereeing an article, calling my mother, communicating with my spouse, and raking leaves–okay, a few of those aren’t morally compelling but I’d like to get to them); so I beg your patience. Meanwhile, if you’d like to suggest something for either of the new pages–even if you’re repeating something that’s already on the blog somewhere–feel free to email it to me or post it as a comment to this post. Cheers.

Also, let me add, again, that if anyone out there feels competent and willing to guest blog (how else can you think out loud and get useful feedback from people around the globe?), send me an email message with your background info and the sorts of stuff you’d like to post about; and then we’ll have to do the technicalia–signing you on as an author of the blog, etc. “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid,” as Goethe said (At least I think it was Goethe…).

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  1. How about a small Chinese philosophy wiki with summaries of work, outlines of arguments and counterarguments between major Chinese philosophical figures, popular comparisons of their ideas to more contemporary ventures, etc.?

  2. Joshua; interesting. I’ll have to think about the amount of work that would take.

    Bill; hmmm–what sort of general announcements? of stuff going on in the profession?

  3. I was thinking of upcoming conferences, new books, new web sites, jobs, hires (though those would show up in your other new page), etc. And shameless self-promotion.

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