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New book by Sarah Allan

Just published: Sarah Allan, Buried Ideas: Legends of Abdication and Ideal Government in Early Chinese Bamboo-slip Manuscripts (SUNY  Press, 2015). Note that it contains translations of the excavated texts that she discusses.


1. Introduction

2. History and Historical Legend

3. The Chu-script Bamboo-Slip Manuscripts

4. Advocating Abdication: Tang Yú zhi dao, “The Way of Tang Yao and Yú Shun”
Tang Yú zhi dao: Translation and Chinese Edition

5. The Zigao and the Nature of Early Confucianism
Zigao: Translation and Chinese Edition

6. Rongchengshi: Abdication and Utopian Vision
Rongchengshi: Translation and Chinese Edition

7. The Bao xun: Obtaining the Center to Become King
Bao xun: Translation and Chinese Edition

8. Afterthoughts

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  1. Steve Angle says:

    This book has now appeared in paperback.

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