Buddhism Bibliography

Charles Muller writes…

Dear Colleagues,

Richard Smith’s kind offering of his bibliography made me think that it
might be worthwhile mentioning the H-Buddhism Zotero Bibliography (which
has a fair number of entries on Confucianism, not to mention China).


Zotero provides useful tools on the web site, but of course, it is an
even much more powerful tool if you figure out how to run Zotero locally
in Firefox. If anyone was ever motivated to start a similar project for
Confucianism, he or she could go a long way in seeding it by simply
exporting the Confucianism entries from our project. Smith’s
bibliography could also be converted and imported fairly easily.

We presently have it set up so that anyone can view it, but only members
can edit, because we want to keep the content scholarly. If you’d like
me to send you an invite to join, just write me.



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