Call for expressions of interest: Philosophy Compass Journal

Philosophy Compass is a journal publishing original, peer-reviewed survey articles of the most important research from across the entire discipline. Philosophy Compass fills a gap left by existing guides within the subject by focusing on what is happening right now in philosophy. (Please visit our website for more details)

We are looking for expressions of interest from authors for the Chinese Comparative Philosophy stream to propose articles in their areas of research interest. Submissions will be peer-reviewed.

Please contact A/Prof Karyn Lai (University of New South Wales, Australia) for more information on topics, paper lengths, deadlines and other details.

Sample publications:

Modern Confucianism and Chinese Theories of Modernization
Jana S. Rošker

Confucianism and American Pragmatism
Mathew A. Foust
Teaching and Learning Guide

Philosophy in Eastern Han Dynasty China (25–220 CE)
Alexus McLeod

Classical Chinese Logic
Jana S. Rošker

Don’t Mind the Gap: Sinology as an Art of In-Betweenness
Nicolas Standaert

Daoism and Wu (pages 663–671)
David Chai

Legalism: Introducing a Concept and Analyzing Aspects of Han Fei’s Political Philosophy (pages 155–164)
Eirik Lang Harris

Justice and Confucianism (pages 165–175)
Erin M. Cline

“How to Compare?” – On the Methodological State of Comparative Philosophy (pages 593–603)

Ralph Weber

Chinese Dialectical Thinking—the Yin Yang Model (pages 438–446)
Xinyan Xinyan

Jian ai and the Mohist attack of Early Confucianism (pages 425–437)
Wai Wai Chiu

Artistry as Methodology: Aesthetic Experience and Chinese Philosophy (pages 199–209)
Sarah Mattice

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