CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS: The Hsu-Tang Library of Classical Chinese Literature

Stefan Vranka, Commissioning Editor at Oxford University Press, would like to alert interested parties to the following call for manuscripts (please note that the Oxford Chinese Thought series is focused on philosophical works while the new series is devoted to all of Chinese literature, broadly defined):

Oxford University Press is launching a new bilingual library of Classical Chinese literature, thanks to a generous gift from Oscar Tang and Agnes Hsu-Tang. The Hsu-Tang Library of Classical Chinese Literature, modeled after the Loeb Classical Library of Greek and Latin literature, will publish new translations that are both reliable and eminently readable for scholars, students, and the wider public. Detailed introductions and explanatory notes will accompany each volume, providing readers with rich historical and cultural context. In addition to handsome print volumes, the series will host digital versions of the texts on an online platform, available for institutional and individual subscription. These works will be sold and promoted in English- and Chinese-speaking markets throughout the world. In short, the Library will introduce twenty-first-century readers to the literary heritage of one of the world’s great civilizations. The specific goals of the Library are:

• To give a voice to three millennia of China’s classical literary tradition, from the earliest texts of the Zhou Dynasty (ca. 1046–256 BCE) to the end of Imperial China in 1911
• To feature classical Chinese literature in its broadest incarnation, ranging from philosophical and religious literature to poetry, fiction, drama, and other literary genres
• To expand the canon through lesser known works and works from the greater Sinographic sphere, alongside new translations of major masterpieces

Translators will be generously compensated. For further inquiries and to submit a formal proposal please contact the General Editor Wiebke Denecke (, the Executive Editor Lucas Klein (, and OUP Commissioning Editor Stefan Vranka (

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  1. Are these volumes bilingual in the manner of the De Gruyter Library of Chinese Humanities where the Chinese and English are contained within the same volume? (And moreover the Chinese and English texts are parallel.) Or in the manner of the Oxford Chinese Thought series where one has to go online for the Chinese? (And moreover the reader has to produce their own parallel text.)

    • dear sir/madam: hellow! my mail to General Editor Wiebke Denecke ( turned out to be a failure. i would like to submit my manuscrit “Records of Weal And Woe through the Ages–an annotated anthorlogy of oft-quoted poetry. ” would you kindly advice how should i contact the general editor?sincerely,zhuo zhenying

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