Book of Interest: Cairns and Virág, eds., In the Mind, in the Body, in the World

Oxford University Press has recently published Douglas Cairns and Curie Virág, eds., In the Mind, in the Body, in the World: Emotions in Early China and Ancient GreeceThe Oxford Scholarship Online version (with links to all the abstracts, and full text for those with institutional subscriptions) is here:

And the print version is here:

Visting Program: CUHK Research Centre for Chinese Philosophy and Culture

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Research Centre for Chinese Philosophy and Culture is happy to announce that their 2-week visiting program is open for applications. This program is meant to promote exchanges with scholars from around the world. The Research Centre for Chinese Philosophy and Culture has established several exchange programs to provide financial assistance for visiting scholars to conduct research and participate in academic activities organized by the Centre. Please read below for more information concerning the application process.

The application for the program can be found here

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CFP: ISCP at AAR 2024

The ISCP is happy to announce they are holding an invited Related Scholarly Organization (RSO) panel at the 2024 meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR), to take place Nov 23-26 in San Diego, CA. They are currently inviting submissions of abstracts (250-300 words) for individual papers for consideration. All themes related to Chinese philosophy are welcome. However, accepted abstracts that closely align with the AAR conference’s major themes, such as philosophy of religion, religious studies, theology, and spirituality, may attract a broader audience. The presentation times will also be capped at 20 minutes to allow a discussion. Please read below for more information about submissions or the RSO session.

Also Please note that participants in RSO sessions are required to register for the AAR meeting

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EMU Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy CFP

Below is the advertisement for this Fall’s EMU Undergraduate Conference in Philosophy.  If you have undergrads who are interested in presenting their work in Chinese philosophy at an undergraduate conference, we enthusiastically welcome such papers.  The conference has been very successful in welcoming students from across the country, and even internationally.  Prior conference programs can be found on the website.  The organizers emphasize inclusivity and mentorship, with each accepted paper receiving thoughtful feedback.

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New Book: Freedom’s Frailty

SUNY has just published Christine Tan’s book Freedom’s Frailty: Self-Realization in the Neo-Daoist Philosophy of Guo Xiang’s ZhuangziIf you would like to either read more about the book or purchase it please click here. The publisher’s description:

This book starts with the radical premise that the most coherent way to read the Zhuangzi is through Guo Xiang (d. 312 CE), the classic Daoist text’s first and most important commentator, and that the best way to read Guo Xiang is politically. It then goes into Guo’s notion of self-realization (自得 zide) which is a conception of freedom that introduces a “dependence-based autonomy,” in which freedom is something we achieve and realize through our connection to others. In sum, the book makes a new contribution to Chinese philosophical scholarship as well as philosophical debates on freedom.