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A Talk by Justin Tiwald at the Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy

The Columbia Society for Comparative Philosophy Welcomes: Justin Tiwald (San Francisco State University)

With responses from: Katja Vogt (Columbia University).

Please join on September 20, 2019, at 5:30 for his lecture entitled,

Autonomy, Deference, and “Getting it Oneself” (zì dé 自得)

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Body and Cosmos in China: An Interdisciplinary Symposium in Honor of Nathan Sivin

The Department of East Asian Languages & Civilizations at the University of Pennsylvania is delighted to announce an interdisciplinary symposium in honor of Nathan Sivin at Perry World House, 3803 Locust Walk, Philadelphia, PA 19104, on Oct. 14-15, 2017.

The symposium is free and open to the public, but pre-registration is required.  Just click here if you’d like to attend:

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Chinese and Comparative Philosophy in Singapore: Events in 2013

2013 is turning out to be a busy time for Chinese and Comparative Philosophy in Singapore. Apart from those of us who are part of the local scene (for instance, Sor Hoon Tan and myself at the National University of Singapore, Alan Chan and Chenyang Li at the Nanyang Technological University), we also have Franklin Perkins visiting NTU (for the academic year 2012/13), and Roger Ames at NUS (for 2013 Spring).

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The ten times ten-thousand visitors

Some time in the next few weeks, the blog counter will register our 100,000th page view since the blog’s inception two years ago. It’s an arbitrary milestone, and of course the Zhuangzi tells us that the extra digit will be excessive with respect to virtue. Still, even arbitrary milestones and extra digits can be imbued with significance. The success of our blog depends on the quality of participation from its contributors and readers, and though the sheer number of hits may indicate more about the breadth and scope of our audience, the many substantive posts and discussions over the past two years have at least enriched my own life. I hope that the same is true for many of you.

Fellow contributor Dan Robins and I would like to mark the occasion with a celebration — an actual physical one — that will take place in New York City, in a location to be determined, and all blog friends are invited. The date for the celebration is Saturday, December 3. The plan is to begin some time in the late afternoon. Since we ride the air and drink the dew as far as financial support for the blog goes, the party will have to be pay-your-own-way.

Our choice of venue, most likely a room at a restaurant and/or bar in Manhattan or Brooklyn, will depend on how many people we expect. So if you think you might come, please email either Dan or me by next Tuesday, November 15, so we can begin to solidify plans. Our email addresses are in our contributor profiles. Eventually, the Warp Weft Way Facebook entity will create an event, so it would also be good if you friend us there.

For those who would travel far enough to want to make a weekend of it, there are also two Columbia University Seminars the previous day. Ari Borrell of the MLA will be giving a talk on “The Daoxue Style and Song Political Culture” at 3:30pm, and Dan Robins will be talking about “Xunzi and the Constancies of Nature” at 5:30pm.

We hope to hear from some of you soon!

[Watch for comments and pictures that will upload during and after the event on the blog and the Facebook page.]