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ISCWP Newsletter 9.2

Greetings!  Many of you will have recently received the latest ISCWP Newsletter.  For those who are not on the ISCWP membership list, you can find out about the the society’s activities and events by following the link above.

If any readers are not members of the ISCWP and would like to join, please send me a statement including the following contents: your name, academic affiliation (if applicable), research/interest areas, contact information, and your desire to become a member of the ISCWP.

Hagop Sarkissian
Secretary and Treasurer

2011 ISCWP Beijing Roundtable on Contemporary Philosophy

All are welcome to the…

2011 Term of Beijing Roundtable on Contemporary Philosophy

Theme / 討論主題:
“Classical Texts and Philosophical Interpretation:
In View of Studies of Chinese Philosophy and Development of Contemporary Philosophy”
經典文本與哲學解釋: 中國哲學研究與當代哲學發展

Time: 3rd June 2011, Friday, 08:30-18:00

時間: 201163, 8點半至晚6

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