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NCCU Sheng Yen Postdoctoral Fellowship in Chinese Buddhist Philosophy

National Chengchi University, Philosophy
NCCU Sheng Yen Postdoctoral Fellowship in Chinese Buddhist Philosophy, 2018-2019

With the generous support of the Sheng Yen Educational Foundation, the Research Group in Buddhist Philosophy at the National Chengchi University (NCCU) is pleased to invite applications for a postdoctoral research fellowship. The term of the appointment is August 1, 2018, to July 31, 2019.

Website: http://thinker.nccu.edu.tw/app/news.php?Sn=1651

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Woodenfish Humanistic Buddhist Monastic Life Program 2018

Woodenfish Humanistic Buddhist Monastic Life Program 2018

Dates: July 1st to July 28th, 2018

Applications for the 2018 Program are now open! Please help us by sharing with your students.

For more information: http://www.woodenfish.org/hbmlp2018

The objective of the program is to promote the understanding of Chinese Buddhism by exposing participants to the daily life, practice and theory of Buddhism within a traditional Buddhist monastic setting.

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Speaking Opportunity in New York City

Global Scholarly Publications is organizing a seminar on “Contemporary Global Conflicts and Crises: Historical Solutions shaped by cultural perspectives” on Dec. 1, 2017, from 4-9pm, and are interested in locating a participant with expertise in the PRC. For more information, please read on — and contact the person listed below for further information or if you are interested.

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Post-Doc at Zhejiang University

PENG Guoxiang of Zhejiang University writes with information about a post-doc opportunity:

A post-doc program of Chinese philosophy, intellectual history, and religions, especially Confucianism, at Zhejiang University now is available for application. The eligible candidates are required:

1. No more than 35 years old;
2. Citizenships that have diplomatic relations with China;
3. PhD acquired outside China and within one year;
4. No less than 20 months in China within two years;
5. Excellence in Chinese or English if from non-English speaking world;

Interested applicants can directly contact me with their CV at: peng_gx@126.com. The deadline is Nov. 13.

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Workshop for PhD students on Ancient Text Cultures

We are happy to announce that the second bi-annual workshop organized by the International Center for the Study of Ancient Text Cultures will be held in Xi’an, China, January 5-13, 2018. The theme for this time is “Manuscripts and Materiality of Text.” Four instructors, Profs. AnneMarie Luijendijk (Princeton), Daniela Mairhofer (Princeton), Matthias Richter (CU Boulder), and Xu Jianping (ZJU) will each lead a one-day workshop. Keynote speakers are Profs. Martin Kern (Princeton) and Liu Yuejin (CASS). Please refer to the attached document for more information and application. We welcome all applicants interested in the fields of Chinese Antiquity, Late Medieval Antiquity, and Medieval Latin. Deadline is Oct. 10th, 2017.  For information see the document below:

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IUP World Philosophies series

Indiana University Press has a new-ish series called “World Philosophies” that I have not previously noted here on the blog. See here and below.

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Slingerland MOOC on Early Chinese Thought

Ted Slingerland’s edX MOOC on early Chinese thought starts next week if anyone’s got interested students. Free to sign up!


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US National Humanities Center East Asian Scholars Program

For blog readers in East Asia, especially…


With the support of the Henry Luce Foundation, the National Humanities Center invites proposals from scholars at elite East Asian universities for fellowships for the 2018-19 academic year. The current participating universities are Tsinghua, Fudan, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University, National University of Singapore, and National Taiwan University, although we are open to expanding participation from stellar institutions.

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Postdoc in Chinese Aesthetics at ECNU

East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai is looking for a two-year post-doc in ancient Chinese art theory and classic Chinese aesthetics. Applicants must have PhD in related areas.  Stipend is 75,000 RMB for one year and 150,000 RMB for two years. Please send application materials to Professor Zhu Zhirong (suzhouzhuzhirong@163.com) at the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of ECNU. 

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Dissertation Workshops on Comparative Political Theory

Shortly before the next American Political Science Association meeting in San Francisco, the organization will host dissertation workshops, one of which is devoted to students working in comparative political theory. The workshops group six ABD students together with two scholars. The deadline to apply is May 15. The workshops will take place on August 30, the day before the main APSA meeting commences. More information is here.


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2nd Greater China Chinese Studies Program

The 2nd Greater China Chinese Studies Program, organized by the Hong Kong-based Sinological Development Charitable Foundation, has been announced for this summer. Information is available on this pamphlet. The 4-week program takes place in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Beijing and covers a wide range of topics related to Chinese philosophy and culture. A limited number of participants are eligible for sponsorship, meaning that all costs save travel to/from Hong Kong will be covered.

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Nishan Confucian Studies Summer Institute

Nishan Confucian Studies Summer Institute (July 1-30, 2017)

Nishan & Qufu, Shandong Province, China

The 2017 Nishan Confucian Studies Summer Institute International Program offers teachers of Chinese history and culture an opportunity to spend a month at an established Confucian academy reading the Confucian classics with world-renowned experts Roger T. Ames and Chenshan Tian and other distinguished comparative philosophy and Confucian scholars. We invite all of those students and teachers who are intrigued by Chinese culture who seek a more profound appreciation of Chinese philosophy, history, and cosmology to join us on this unique educational and research journey. Read on for more information, or click here for a two-page English flier, or here for more extensive background in Chinese (with lots of pictures).

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2017 Summer School: Chinese Thought and Culture

Applications are now open for the 2017 summer school in China this July (1st-18th, The International Academy for Chinese Thought and Culture). The programme is arranged as a GALA-based collaboration between staff at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Peking University and Bath Spa. Students from any discipline are welcome to apply. The short application form is available here: 


A few photos from the trip last year can be viewed here: 


The deadline for the first round of applications is January 30th 2017. Further details from the programme advert are here

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Tang Center: Fellowships, etc.

The Tang Center for Early China, founded at Columbia University in 2015, is dedicated to the advancement of the understanding of the richness and importance of early Chinese civilization as a part of a broader common human heritage. It is committed to doing so through both solid scholarship and broad public outreach. It does this, in part, through programs supporting fellowships and conferences, as well as through publications. A useful overview of funding opportunities is here; and for the center’s website, see here.

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New book series: Philosophy and Cultural Identity

The Philosophy and Cultural Identity series, edited by Michael Krausz (Bryn Mawr College)
and Andreea Deciu Ritivoi (Carnegie Mellon University), encourages new scholarship in cross-cultural philosophy, exploring topics such as cultural memory, cultural membership, cultural obligations, cross-cultural experience, personal identity, single and multiple identities, single and multiple selves, and cosmopolitanism. A flyer for those interested in submitting a proposal is here. and the website for the series is here.

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